Sherlock Gnomes in City Square

Has anyone ever wondered what it would look like if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted Shakespeare as a backyard mystery? Wonder no more!

Young couple Gnomeo & Juliet (voiced by James McAvoy & Emily Blunt) have moved to London, where the other gnomes name them the new leaders of the garden. One day, after
some time out of the garden, the young couple returns to find all their gnome friends missing! And as all gnomes know, only one gnome can crack the case: Sherlock Gnomes (voiced by Johnny Depp).

Featuring supporting voices from Mary J Blige, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, and some surprise guests we don’t want to give away, Sherlock Gnomes is a fun new animated ride from the makers of Kung Fu Panda. The movie will screen at dusk in front of City Square, located on Van Dyke (north of 12 Mile Road).

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