A Parade of Birthday Wishes

If you or a loved one has had a birthday lately, you know all too well how different that celebration was amid the COVID-19 crisis. While many adults may be content to take a raincheck on the birthday hoopla, young kids aren’t as easily persuaded.

That’s why Warren’s emergency responders have stepped in to offer drive-by birthday parades! On their special day, the birthday boy or girl stands outside waving as a mini-convoy of police cars or fire trucks rolls down their street – complete with flashing lights and sirens. Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday while still adhering to the social distancing guidelines. And a great way to make little kids feel special!

To contact the Warren Police Department about your child’s birthday, please call (586) 574-4877 and provide your child’s name, age, address, and the time of the request. To contact the Warren Fire Department about your child’s birthday, please call (586) 756-2800.