Big Improvements and Big Trash Carts Coming to Warren’s Waste Program

The City of Warren is making big improvements to its waste collection program. This fall, each single family home and detached condominium in Warren will receive a new 95-gallon trash cart. This is a big investment for the city, which was made possible in part by a grant received from MDEQ for the city’s recycling program. There are many benefits to these carts for both the residents and the city, but topping the list is that they will make the city greener, cleaner and safer. It is estimated that this new program will also save the city $1 Million in the first year alone and these savings will continue to increase from there.

The new carts will feature wheels and skid plates, making them easy to move to the curb even when they are full. The carts are constructed with the utmost quality to insure a sturdy design, making these carts durable enough to store outdoors. The seal will help keep odors inside the cart if you do choose to store them indoors. Plus, the sturdy material that is used to create these carts, along with the design and seal, will keep the rodents and even large critters out.

The city’s current waste trucks will be equipped to lift these new carts mechanically, leading to less workers on each truck, as well as less injuries to workers. A cart can contain more waste and be disposed in the truck with ease using an automated truck, rather than being picked up manually by an employee. Although the trucks will mechanically pick up the waste in the carts, bulk pickup will still be an option throughout Warren, with no additional charge to residents.

In addition to the new trash carts, homes that currently recycle and compost will also receive carts for these types of waste. The recycling cart has a green lid with a helpful list to remind you of the types of materials which can be recycled. The yard waste cart has a brown lid and will be delivered in the spring of 2019. In order to receive the recycle and compost carts, residents were required to respond to a survey by phone or over the internet. If you did not respond to the survey, but are interested in using these types of carts, it is suggested that you call the Sanitation Department at (586)775-1400.

Delivery of the new trash carts began this week. It is expected that delivery to all of the homes may take approximately three weeks. If you have received your new trash cart, you can begin using it on Friday, October 19, 2018. For your recycling cart, the Sanitation Department does ask that you please wait until it is full before placing it at the curb.

If you have any questions regarding this new program, the City of Warren Sanitation Division can be reached at (586)775-1400. To see a list of the city’s sanitation guidelines, click here.