The Papasian’s Little Free Anti-Racist Library in Warren has added more books to its collection commemorating Black History Month.

“I really believe reading is knowledge and knowledge is power,” said library creator Monica Papasian. “I want to empower my community with knowledge, so we can break these ways of racism and intolerance.”

Papasian erected the library on her front lawn last fall. The small structure is stocked with over 70 books celebrating Black history, Native American culture, the Women’s Right Movement, diversity, and activism. In addition to history books, there are also activity books, pencils, bookmarks, and packs of multicultural skin tone crayons for children to use when coloring. Since its launch last fall, community response to the library has been positive.

“Residents are sharing books, donating to the collection, and kids are coloring with the crayons,” said Papasian.

The Papasian’s Little Free Anti-Racist Library is located at 6106 Chicago Road east of Mound in Warren. Stop by and help spread the word during Black History Month!