Celebrate National Poetry Month in Warren

Looking for a way to express your inner poet? Celebrate National Poetry Month by performing your favorite poems and songs at the Dovetail in Warren. For the next two Fridays, April 13th and April 20th, poets from around the area will meet at the Dovetail and be given 15 minutes to perform some of their favorite songs and poems. This is a free event. Just pay for your food and drinks of choice. You can sign up through Signup Genius here.

Location: The Dovetail, 29200 Hoover Road, Warren, Michigan

Dates: April 13 -“Bumps in the Night” 7-10 PM and April 20 – “Say What the What?” 7-10 PM

Sponsors: Artistas Latinex en Accion Siempre and WORDcraft WNSDYs