COVID-19 Community Support

As doctors, nurses and emergency responders work tirelessly to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Warren residents are coming up with creative ways to show their support. Below are some simple things you can do to let health care workers know how much they are appreciated.

Hearts for Health Care Workers
Some residents are cutting out paper hearts, writing little messages of support and putting them on the mailboxes of those on the front lines. You can also put them on your own mailbox or display them on your window.

Sidewalk Art
School age children are writing simple messages of hope with colorful chalk on the sidewalks. Teachers say it’s a good way for parents to open the discussion with kids about the coronavirus pandemic.

White Ribbon Project
Some Warren residents are displaying a white ribbon in their window or tied to their tree as a way to show their support for first responders. The campaign was started by Henry Ford Health Systems. If you don’t have a white ribbon you can print one from the Henry Ford website:

Rainbows Over Michigan
Families are encouraged to show their support of healthcare workers by turning their windows into colorful works of art. The Rainbows Over Michigan group says engagement in arts and crafts can relieve stress and often lifts your spirit. You can check out some of the creative windows at #RainbowsOverMichigan.

Follow the Social Distancing Guidelines
Health care workers say the best way you can show your support of the people on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic is to follow the social distancing guidelines. Wash your hands and stay at home. It really does save lives.