Delphine’s Jamaican Restaurant in Warren


According to Tony Williams, co-owner of Delphine’s Jamaican Restaurant, the inspiration came from one person: “My mother. She always wanted a restaurant, so it was time to make it happen.”

While other regional food styles have representation in the city (Indian, Mexican, Thai, to name a few), Delphine would mention to her son, “there was nothing [serving Jamaican food] on the east side of town.” In September 2018, Delphine’s Jamaican Restaurant opened its doors. According to Tony, business has ramped up mostly through word-of-mouth. Social media has helped. In addition to providing a cozy, sit-down place, the restaurant offers catering for parties, small or large. As expected, dinners are their busiest times.

For a different take on curry dishes (Jerk chicken, goat, or oxtail), stop at Delphine’s Jamaican Restaurant at 14377 East Nine Road, between Schoenherr and Hayes.