Headlights for Hope at Ascension Hospital

The past year has been difficult for most, and extremely difficult for healthcare workers. They have been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic, fighting tirelessly for their patients. To show support for these healthcare heroes, the Warren Campus of Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital is hosting Headlights for Hope.

The hospital is inviting the community to fill the visitor lot at the hospital on Monday evenings in January to honk their car horns and flash their headlights to show support for the workers inside the hospital. Some participants are even taking it a step further and decorating their vehicles with holiday lights and other adornments too. This event not only shows support for the staff at the hospital but also adds some brightness and excitement to the patients as well.

Headlights for Hope has already held two events this month. The remaining dates are Monday, January 18th, and Monday, January 25th. Those who would like to participate are asked to enter the visitor lot of the hospital from 12 Mile Road, beginning at 7 PM. There will be areas designated for vehicles to park for the event. Then, at 7:30 PM, it’s time to light up the parking lot and spread hope!

Ascension’s Warren Campus is located at 11800 12 Mile Road. Participants are asked to remain in their vehicles and to practice social distancing during this event. For more information, please visit the Ascension Macomb-Oakland Facebook page here.