Heat Safety Tips for Your Pets

Animals are very sensitive to high temperatures, which means it’s important to monitor the health of your pets during the dog days of summer. The following tips can protect your pet from the sun’s damaging rays.

Never leave a pet in the car. The inside of a car can heat up to 110 degrees in 10 minutes on an 80 degree day even with the windows cracked. Your pet could be in danger even on a moderately hot day.

No asphalt. If it’s too hot for bare feet, it’s too hot for bare paws. Instead, walk dogs on softer ground such as dirt trails or grass.

Limit exercise. Don’t let playful pets over exert themselves in the heat. Try to exercise your dog in the early morning or late evening when the weather is cool.

Fresh water. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water. Invest in a collapsible water bowl for your dog to drink on walks. Cats need water too – make sure your indoor cat has access to fresh water and maybe add some ice cubes.

Know your breed. Larger breeds and long, thick-coated dogs can be more susceptible to the negative health effects of heat. Also, dogs with short noses, like Pugs and Bulldogs, are more susceptible to breathing difficulties in hot weather.

Signs of heat stroke. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet is experiencing:

  •  excessive panting
  • vomiting
  • tiring easily
  • diminished appetite
  • lethargy