Why do people sit in the dark waiting for a knock, a rap, a moan – and will jump when their tummy growls? Why do so many remain skeptical if there’s “evidence?” The Miller Library will host psychic medium, Kristy Robinett, on Tuesday, October 8, at 6 pm for a discussion about ghost hunting and paranormal encounters, as well as the variety of evidence to help discern the spooky from the skeptical.

Registration is required; please register online here or call the branch at 586-751-5377. This event will be held in Conference Room “A” (Room 203) of the Warren Community Center.

The Miller Branch Library is located at 5460 Arden in the Warren Community Center (between 14 Mile and Chicago, west of Mound). For more information, call (586) 751-5377.

This event will be recorded for a Straight from the Author podcast.