Join the MI Warren Buy Warren campaign!

The City of Warren Downtown Development Authority is promoting shopping local and supporting small businesses with MI Warren Buy Warren. We are partnering with Yiftee to offer a Community Gift Card that patrons can use at participating Warren small businesses. This Mastercard Gift Card can be purchased through our website and to sweeten the deal, for every dollar amount that customers purchase, the DDA is rewarding the customer with another gift card at 50% of the purchase amount. So, if a customer buys a $50 Buy Warren card, they will receive a $25 reward gift card for free from the DDA. These reward cards can be used at dozens of participating small businesses in Warren and can only be used for a limited time (expiring August 31, 2022).

If your business would like to join the MI Warren Buy Warren program, it is easy to join. First, you must accept Mastercard at your business and you must be able to process a key entry (like a phone order). Most importantly, there is no fee to join this program. The only cost to the business is the CNP processing fee that is charged through Mastercard for keying in your order.

Every business that is enrolled in the MI Warren Buy Warren program will be listed on our Buy Warren homepage and will be shown on a map so customers can find you easily. Once again, Buy Warren cards can only be used at participating businesses that are listed on our website.

To sign up, start by filling out this form. Then, we will contact you to let you know we received your information. The final step in signing up is to run an “Activation Card” through Yiftee and Mastercard, which we will send you details on once you have signed up. If you have any questions, please check out our list of FAQs here, or give Dylan a call at (586) 574-4529.