Keep Kids Learning During the Quarantine

As Warren schools stay closed during this current quarantine, parents and kids all over the country have found themselves in an interesting and new situation. Suddenly, guardians and children are together at home, with no school teachers around. This closure will continue for the remainder of the school year, and it’s important to make sure students don’t fall disastrously behind schedule on their education.

Here are some tips from the specialists:

Parents/guardians, pick one subject that is important to your child. Focus on something that’s important to your at-home students, and focus on that to keep their attention.

Remember to take time for physical education. Take advantage of sunny days, and play outside to get some of that energy out.

Structure is important. Once you have worked on your student’s favorite subject, remember to touch on the not-so-favorite subjects. If math isn’t a favorite, check out this website  for tips on math projects.

If parents and guardians need some more at-home school tips, check out this link to 50 free educational resources online.

As much as technology has changed the way children learn, you can never go wrong with giving your child a book to read.  Reading gives them a place to go when they have to stay where they are.