Keep Kids Pedaling

Warren resident Paul Jensen wants every child to have a bicycle. Jensen is the founder of Keep Kids Pedaling – a non-profit that restores used bikes for children in need. Jensen grew up in Warren and remembers when he was young and didn’t have a bike. “I would go trash picking for bikes,” said Jensen. I know how it is for single parents or families that are tight on money.”

Jensen accepts donated bikes and bike parts. “I take donated bike parts and put them on other bikes to get them up and going,” said Jensen.

Jensen rebuilds the bikes at his Warren home. He also restores full-sized bikes for older teens and adults who lack reliable transportation. “I give the bikes to whoever needs them. I don’t accept any money for anything. All my services are free. It’s my way of giving back to the community.”

Jensen helped one man who was in a car accident and couldn’t ride a two-wheeler. Jensen gave him a rehabbed three-wheeler so the man could ride with his kids.

“I also worked with a neighbor with a disability that needed adult training wheels,” said Jensen. “I got him the wheels and now he can ride.”

Jensen has donated about 250 bikes over the last few years. He works with other bike donation groups – but prefers donating directly to local families.

If you have a bike or parts to donate or know someone in need of a bike, contact Paul Jensen on Facebook.