Lead Hazard Control Grant Program for Single Family Housing

The City of Warren Community Development Committee is making available a Lead Hazard Control Grant to eligible applicants.  These grant funds may only be used to pay for lead hazard remediation work completed at eligible homes.  If you meet all of the requirements listed below, you may qualify for the City’s program.
The home to be repaired must be located in the City of Warren.
The house must have been built before 1978 and have leadbased paint hazards.
The income for all persons residing in the home must be below 80% of area median income.  (Income limits are detailed in the link below)
There must be a resident child 05 years of age who lives in the home. Children in regular daycare and pregnant women are included.
Your home may also be eligible for additional free repairs for health and safety items based on a fullhome assessment.
The maximum lead hazard control grant the City will make is $20,000. Applications for grants are processed in the order they are received. Households with a child having an elevated blood lead level (EBL) above 5 mg/dl will be given priority and the application will receive priority processing. Applicants must agree to provide the City of Warren and/or HUD with any information requested in order to verify compliance with the program requirements.

For a full explanation and complete list of requirements, go to:   https://www.cityofwarren.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/2021.05.25_Lead_Hazard_Program_Procedural_Guidelines.pdf