Macomb Food Program

The Macomb Food Program is a non-profit organization that supports hunger programs for Macomb County residents. With a network of more than 70 pantries and hunger relief organizations, the Macomb Food Program provides immediate relief to those in need of food. In 2021, Macomb Food Program assisted the Macomb County Food Bank to serve over 250,000 individuals and 90,000 families in 2021.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program is here to help with emergency food resources. The TEFAP is a federally funded program that provides free emergency food and nutrition for income-eligible individuals and families. Food is distributed once per month at Macomb County distribution sites. Macomb residents can contact or call (586) 469-6004 for more information.

Macomb County residents interested in volunteering can visit the Macomb Food Program’s Facebook page to learn about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

The Macomb Food Program is also looking for donations. Did you know that $50 distributes 150 meals to agencies serving hungry people, $100 distributes 300 meals, and $300 distributes over 900 meals to those in need? Individuals interested in supporting this cause can make donations by calling (586) 469-6004 or via mail to the Macomb County Food Program Food Bank in Clinton Township (21885 Dunham Rd Suite 106). Individuals can also donate to the Macomb Food Program in Romeo Plank, Macomb, MI 48042, or by visiting