Restaurants and Bars Back Open

Beginning February 1st, restaurants are now able to serve patrons at 25% capacity and are only permitted to be open until 10 p.m. New restrictions allow only groups of no more than six people to a table, with tables at least six feet apart. No mingling with other patrons outside your dinner group or in common areas such as dance floors is allowed.

If an employee contract COVID-19, the venue must shut down until a deep cleaning is conducted.

Here is a list of local restaurants and bars in Warren that are open for business and ready to serve you your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Remember, safety is key when patronizing businesses. Wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands.

Mexico City: 32500 Van Dyke Avenue
Theos Family Restaurant: 11747 East 13 Mile Road
City Burger: 11747 East 13 Mile Road
Loris Café: 15188 East 13 Mile Road
Andrea’s Garden: 14300 East 12 Mile Road
Betty Janes: 13791 East 13 Mile Road
Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant: 15138 East 13 Mile Road
Leo’s Coney Island: 15198 East 13 Mile Road
Pita Way: 11520 East 12 Mile Road
Lotus Pond Restaurant: 28747 Hoover Road.
Country Oven: 282237 Hoover Road
Blue Finn: 13330 East 10 Mile Road
Lumberyard: 26700 Schoenherr Road
Simple Palate Restaurant: 27380 Van Dyke Avenue
Siam Cuisine: 7223 East 9 Mile Road
Warren Kabob: 22248 Van Dyke Avenue
Royal Bengal Indian Restaurant: 26029 Hoover Road
Firenze Restaurant: 11028 East 10 Mile Road.
Nicky D’s: 5849 East 8 Mile Road
Victory Inn Smoke House: Mound Road
Mr. Miguel’s Mexican Grille & Cantina: 26837 Ryan Road
Vivio’s II Food & Spirits: 3601 East 12 Mile Road
Cozy Cabin: 2129 East 12 Mile Road
Louie’s Ham & Corned Beef: 11450 East 9 Mile Road
Spud Headz: 5011 East 8 Mile Road