MI Warren Cares

While most Warren residents are doing their part to fight COVID-19 by staying at home, there are many people working every day to fight this virus and to keep life as normal as possible for everyone. Medical workers are seeing patients every day. Retail employees are ensuring the shelves are stocked. Police and Fire are vigilant in safeguarding our residents. Journalists are keeping people informed. The list goes on and on. Despite the circumstances, we all still have things to be grateful for and MI Warren would like to give residents a platform to share their gratitude. We are asking Warren residents to share a video or photo on social media, thanking others for all they are doing during this difficult time. Use the hashtag #MIWarrenCares so fellow residents and neighbors can track the submissions and see what you are grateful for during these trying times.

Let’s work together to lift the community up, support one another, and stay safe.