Overcome Gym Intimidation at Off the Wall

For some, the hardest part of working out isn’t the actual exercise. It’s going to the gym. Many people find big gyms full of bulky, complex machines intimidating, and their fear of feeling out of place prevents them from settling into an exercise program.

Deborah Linley, personal trainer and owner of Off the Wall, 8286 Twelve Mile Rd. east of Van Dyke in Warren is dedicated to helping people get on the path to better health without all the fitness fads and gym intimidation.

“When I decided to get involved in nutrition and fitness, I wanted to learn about how I could make myself healthier, but also help other people,” said Linley. Her clients are a mix of men, women and teens. Her oldest is 92. Linley believes the common barriers to exercise are lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of results and fear of getting injured.

“Anyone can find a workout video online,” said Linley. “But it takes an additional level of knowledge to know when you should progress your exercise.”

Linley is a certified Special Populations Specialist, which means in addition to working with weight loss clients, she designs exercise programs for people with chronic medical conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, and post injury or post-surgery rehab patients.

Linley offers individual personal training sessions and small group training. “All the classes at Off the Wall are small,” said Linley. “So you don’t have to worry about people watching and judging you. All the group sessions are different. Sometimes we use the trampoline or I bring the rings down and we do exercises on the wall. There are lots of different exercises that we do.”

For more information on Off the Wall, go to Facebook, or call Deborah Linley at 248-219-2031.