Paczki Day 2020

Paczki day is the sweet holiday of Fat Tuesday, which means everyone celebrates with the Polish tradition of eating a delicious, sugary paczki filled with any flavor you can imagine. A PUNCH-kee or POONCH-key is a round Polish pastry filled with fruit and coated in sugar. Those who fasted during Lent needed to use up the sugar in their pantry, and making paczki’s is an ideal way to empty their sugar containers. Some Paczkis are filled with custard or cream, any way you bite into a Paczki, it’s a treat! We’ve got a list of places in Warren where you can order your Paczkis and enjoy your traditional treat. Will you have a fun fruit filling or traditional custard?

Sweetheart Bakery – 31829 Mound Road. Open at 10am.

Donut Castle – 11831 13 Mile Road. Open at 4am.

Tringalis’ Bakery – 29100 Schoenherr Road. Open at 6:30am.

Donut Factory – 28805 Mound Road. Open at 4am.

Daily Dozen – 13599 East Nine Mile. Open at 2am.

Donut Hole – 32187 Van Dyke Ave. Open all day and all night on Monday until 5pm on Tuesday.

And remember to check out DeCarlo’s Paczki Party on February 21st, at 6pm. This Paczki Party will have an authentic Polish dinner with cocktails, Polish music, Polish dancers, a raffle and of course, Paczkis! Cost is $45 per person. Location is DeCarlo’s Banquet and Convention Center, 6015 East Ten Mile Road. Dinner is served at 7pm. Call for tickets or a table at 586-759-6500.

Celebrate and share your #WarrenPaczkiDay with us on social media!