Tax Tips and Help

This year, taxes will be due by May 17th. The government has extended the deadline due to the pandemic.

Here’s where to get free tax help right here in Warren.

AAS Macomb County South
11370 Hupp
Prepared off-site, return visit required
Warren, MI 48089
Volunteer Prepared Taxes

If you want to do your taxes yourself, start organizing your tax documents and financial records. It may take some time, but it will make the filing process faster and easier. Use your prior year’s tax return to serve as a starting point to determine your previous income, deductions, credits, etc.

If you worked with a CPA or other tax professional, you were most likely given a copy of your return when you filed. Digging out last year’s tax return helps ensure that you have the required documentation to prepare your tax return this year.

Also, many Americans received unemployment compensation in 2020. This compensation is taxable and must be included as gross income on their tax return.

Plus, the safest, most accurate, and fastest way to get a refund is to electronically file and choose direct deposit. Direct deposit means any tax refund is electronically deposited for free into a taxpayer’s financial account.

Lastly, Federal and Michigan tax forms are available at all four Warren Public Library locations. At the Civic Center Library, forms are available inside the parking structure door on the first floor.
For more information from the IRS, go to
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