The City of Warren Reveals a New Master Plan

Earlier this month, the Warren City Council officially adopted the city’s new Master Plan. A master plan is a document that acts as a decision-making guide for our city’s leaders. The plan documents many aspects of our city and how they work together, including the people, economy, environment, and transportation. All of these factors and more are taken into consideration and then a plan is devised for the future. The plan includes things such as where parks should be added, housing needs, and where different types of businesses should be located throughout the city.

The City of Warren worked with Beckett & Raeder, Inc. to devise its Master Plan, but it also worked with the city’s residents. The Warren Planning Department and Beckett & Raeder hosted town hall meetings in 2018 to get input from the public. They then followed up by offering an online survey for residents to give their input. After many steps and a lot of work, the new Master Plan is now finalized, adopted, and available for the public to view. You can review the document for yourself by visiting The 124-page document covers the history of Warren, the planning process for the Master Plan, what Warren currently looks like, and plans for the city’s future.