This Past Week in Sports January 17

It’s now almost the end of January and for all you basketball fans out there, that means we are getting closer and closer to March Madness. Of course, football is still in the news with Matthew Stafford finally winning a big game against Tampa Bay (also known Tompa Bay). The LA Rams defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady with a final score of 30-27 in the division round to get them to the championship round against the San Fransisco 49ers for a chance that will be played in LA on Sunday, February 22, 2022, but enough about football until next week, let’s get to some high school sports in the great city of Warren!

Let’s start with the boys’ basketball white division. Warren Mott has not been having a good season so far, to say the least. They are currently 2-6 overall and 1-4 in the division with two blowout losses to New Haven and Grosse Pointe North.

Now over to the blue division, Cousino is currently sitting in fourth place with an overall record of 5-5 and in the division, they are 2-4 losing both their divisional games this past week to Port Huron Northern and Lake Shore who are sitting first and second in the division.

In the gold division, we have three teams that we can talk about; the Warren Woods Tower Titans, Eastpointe Shamrocks, and the Fitzgerald Spartans. South Lake is currently in first place with Warren Woods Tower Titans in second, Eastpointe in fifth, and Fitzgerald in last place. Warren Woods Tower faced off against South Lake on January 11 and they lost 46-33, but they have a chance to make up ground on January 28 to get within one game of the division lead.

Over in the silver division, the Lincoln Abes are in first place with an overall record of 8-4 and a perfect 5-0 in the division after defeating the Port Huron Huskies to claim the top spot. Head coach Wydell Henry has these boys playing some good basketball right now so, let’s see if they can continue this play into February and then into March. Watch out for those Blackwell brothers. I went to their game last week and they played some good basketball. you’ll be able to catch those highlights on TV Warren’s SportsLine this week.

Moving over to the bronze division, the Center Line Panthers are in second place with an overall record of 5-3 and in the division, they are 4-1 sitting one game back of Madison. If they stay one game back until February 1, they have a chance to tie for first place against Madison. That should be a big game.

The De La Salle Pilots were at the top of the Catholic League but after falling to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s in double overtime (64-66) and Detroit Catholic Central (50-60) they moved into last place, but they bounced back with a thrilling victory last week that came down to the wire against Detroit U-of-D Jesuit with a final score of 49-46. If you are a huge fan of high school hoops go to a De La Salle game. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. You can check out those highlights on this week’s episode of SportsLine. The Catholic League is very tough this year even with a 7-2 record the Pilots are last in their conference at 1-2. They have a chance to get back, even has they face Orchard Lake. St. Mary’s this Tuesday, January 25 at 7:00 PM. I will be at that game so if you see me say hi!

Now let’s move on over to girls’ basketball, in the blue division the Cousino Patriots overall are 7-4 on the season and 3-1 in their division with Lakeview taking the top spot at 5-0. Cousino will have a chance to tie Lakeview this Thursday, January 27 for the top spot in the blue division.

In the gold division, there is not too much to say. The Fitzgerald Spartans are in last place right now going 1-6 overall and 0-3 in the division.

In the silver division, we have 3 teams that we can talk about and that is the Center Line Panthers, Warren Woods Tower Titans, and the Warren Mott Marauders. They currently are fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively.

Now in the bronze division, we have the Lincoln Abes and the Eastpointe Shamrocks. The Abes are in third place sitting one game back of Hazel Park and Eastpoint is right being them in 4th place with 2 games back.

Just like the De La Salle Pilots, the Regina Satellites are last place in the Catholic League Central going 0-6 in their division and 3-8 on the season so far.

Now in Boy’s bowling, we have the Warren Woods Tower Titans in first place in the gold division with a 4-0 record. Also, the Warren Woods Tower Titans are first place in boys swimming in the gold division starting off the season 5-2-1 and 1-0 in their division

Now over to Wrestling. Right now the Warren Mott Marauders are currently in first place in the white division. As of their last meet, they defeated Utica/ Stevenson 45-29 and their next meet will take place January 25 at Warren Mott.

On this week’s episode of SportsLine with Enver Shapllo, We will have plenty of boys’ and girls’ basketball highlights. With the boys, we will have De La Salle, Lincoln, Warren Mott, and Cousino. With the girls, we will have Warren Woods Tower, Warren Mott, and Eastpointe.

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Here are the basketball scores and upcoming games around the MAC

Boys Basketball Scores

January 17
Eastpointe 52 Southfield Bradford 77
Lincoln 41 Detroit Loyola 47

January 18
Warren Mott 33 New Haven 73
Cousino 62 Port Huron Northern 75
St Clair 2 Fitzgerald 0 (Forfeit)
Warren Woods Tower 43 Eastpointe 44
Port Huron 30 Lincoln 69
Clawson 54 Center Line 56

January 20
Grosse Pointe North 75 Warren Mott 32
Lake Shore 78 Cousino 61
Fitzgerald 0 South Lake 2 (Forfeit)
Lincoln 77 Marysville 40
Center Line 44 Lamphere 43

Upcoming Boys Basketball Games

January 24
Sterling Heights vs Center Line

January 26
Warren Mott @ Romeo
De La Salle vs Brother Rice
Anchor Bay vs Cousino
Warren Woods Tower @ St. Clair
Fitzgerald @ L’Anse Creuse
Eastpointe @ South Lake
Center Line @ Hazel Park

January 28
Warren Mott @ Eisenhower
Cousino vs Fraser
Eastpointe @ Fitzgerald
Warren Woods Tower vs South Lake
Lincoln vs Lakeview
Center Line @ Marine City
De La Salle @ Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

Girls Basketball Scores

January 19
Cousino 46 Lake Shore 29
Marine City 56 Fitzgerald 18
Center Line 45 Warren Woods Tower 33
Warren Mott 23 Clawson 54
Eastpointe 16 New Haven 62
Lincoln 26 Madison 14

January 21
Cousino 47 L’Anse Creuse 36
Fitzgerald 22 St. Clair 48
Warren Woods Tower 41 Warren Mott 33
Center Line 22 Lamphere 38
Lincoln 24 Clintondale 22

Upcoming Girls Basketball Games

January 25
Chippewa Valley vs Cousino
Marysville vs Fitzgerald
Warren Woods Tower vs South Lake
Center Line vs Warren Mott
Lincoln vs Eastpointe
Regina vs Luteran North

January 27
Cousino @ Lakeview
Warren Mott @ South Lake
Warren Woods Tower vs Lamphere
Eastpointe @ Hazel Park
Lincoln vs New Haven

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