This past week in sports, the week of September 27th

This past week in sports, the week of September 27th

We start off with some breaking news out of Cousino High School as they cancel the rest of the varsity football season.

In a letter sent to parents, Cousino High School’s Principal Andre Buford tells families, “Anthony Wright has resigned his position as head coach, along with a number of team members who turned in their football equipment this week.” The athletic director explains “Our numbers have dropped too low to safely and effectively continue the varsity football season. As such, we had to forfeit the remainder of the varsity football season.”

Now, the Warren football teams went a combined 4-4 with the winners being the De La Salle Pilots, the Fitzgerald Spartans, the Eastpointe Shamrocks, and the Warren Mott Marauders.

The De La Salle Pilots continued their winning streak by defeating Detroit Catholic Central 17-7 to take a commanding lead in the Catholic League Central. You can check out the highlights of their victory on this week’s episode of SportsLine.

The Fitzgerald Spartans played their annual Homecoming game this past Saturday and did not let the students and their fans down with an impressive win 42-12 over the Madison Heights Eagles. Twins Trey and Troy West led the Spartans to victory as they accounted for 5+ touchdowns in an exciting fashion. You can check out all their touchdowns on this week’s episode of SportsLine.

The Warren Mott Marauders get back to .500 with a victory over L’Anse Creuse North with a score of 28-3 to put them in a better position of getting into the playoffs. They have a tough matchup this Friday at Utica as they battle for second place in the white division and to keep their playoff hopes alive

The Eastpointe Shamrocks came off of a victory this week against Grosse Pointe North 28-0, after having forfeited just one week ago. This was a solid game to win as they are now tied for 3rd in the gold division, but the Shamrocks will need to win out the rest of their games if they want a shot at the playoffs.

Here are the current MAC Warren Boys Football standings:

Center Line 4th in the Bronze Division

Cousino 6th in the Gold Division (Season Cancelled)

De La Salle 1st in the Catholic League Central

Eastpointe T-3rd in the Gold Division

Fitzgerald 2nd in the Silver Division

Lincoln 5th in the Bronze Division

Warren Mott T-2nd in the White Division

Warren Woods Tower T-3rd in the Gold Division

This week on SportsLine, Paul Smith and Enver Shapllo will deliver to you highlights of Warren sports teams around the MAC. This week’s episode of Sportsline will also include De La Salle & Fitzgerald football highlights, along with Fitzgerald vs Center Line volleyball & soccer highlights

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the scores around the MAC this past week for football, soccer, volleyball & tennis.

Football Scores

Friday, October 1st
Detroit Catholic Central Mary 7 De La Salle 17
Grosse Pointe North 0 Eastpointe 28
Warren Mott 28 L’Anse Creuse North 3
Lamphere 56 Center Line 22
Warren Woods Tower 7 Roseville 74
Lincoln 0 Clawson 42
Cousino 0 St. Clair 1 (Forfeit)

Saturday, October 2
Fitzgerald 42 Madison 12

Boys Soccer Scores

Monday, September 27
Fitzgerald 2 Center Line 5
Warren Woods Tower 0 Lamphere 4
Clawson 3 Warren Mott 1
Cousino 1 Utica 4
Warren Mott 6 Port Huron Northern 3

Wednesday, September 29
Cousino 0 Port Huron L’Anse Creuse North 3
Warren Mott 1 Sterling Heights 1

Friday, October 1st
L’Anse Creuse 5 Warren Woods Tower 5
New Haven 0 Cousino 8

Girls Volleyball Scores

Thursday, September 28
Madison 3 Lincoln 0
Lakeshore 0 Cousino 3

Saturday, September 30
Fitzgerald 0 Center Line 3

Boys Tennis Scores

Monday, September 27
Sterling Heights 5 Warren Woods Tower 0
Lamphere 8 Warren Woods Tower 0
L’Anse Creuse 8 Cousino 0

Wednesday, September 29
Cousino 2 Lamphere 6
Thursday, September 30
Warren Mott 2 Lamphere 6

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