This Past Week in Sports Week of January 24

It’s now February! and it wouldn’t be February without a scary snowstorm that the news says will be snowmageddon calling for 12-18 inches of snow. Every school in Warren called off school for thre days before the snow or mostly rain came our way. That affects us here because we cannot cover high school sports, but we did cover some games before this “snowstorm” so we will have some highlights for you next week!

But before we get to everything Warren sports, I just want to go back to this past weekend to congratulate Matthew Stafford on getting to the Super bowl! The LA Rams took on the San Fransisco 49ers this past Sunday, January 30th. It came down to the wire as they won this game late in the fourth quarter off of a field goal with the final score of 20-17. The LA Rams will be taking on the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday, February 13th at 6:30 PM. I can think of a more likable match-up between two teams. The Bengals have had a history of losing seasons and just like Matthew Stafford with the Detroit Lions. I’m rooting for the LA Rams as I think they should win this game easily but the Bengals and Joe Burrow have the firepower to stay close in this game. I just hope for a good game.

Also, in the sports world, Tom Brady the GOAT of football retired the other day. Seven-time super bowl champion six with the New England Patriots and one with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of the best to ever do it he sure will be missed especially by me. There is nothing better than watching the best do what they do in their profession.

Now let’s get to some high school sports in the great city of Warren!

Let’s start with De La Salle Hockey, they are currently 16-2-1 overall and first place in their conference at 7-1-1 in the Michigan Interscholastic Hockey League – South. The Pilots are currently on a four-game win streak defeating Sault Ste Marie, Traverse City West, Orchard Lake St. Marys, and Trenton in those four games. Sean Clark has this team playing great right now and you can catch his interview with Enver Shapllo on this week’s episode of SportsLine (2/1/2022)

Now moving on to boys’ basketball in the white division. The Warren Mott Marauders have not been having a good season so far, to say the least. They are currently 3-8 overall and 2-6 in the division with losses to Romeo and Eisenhower this past week.

In the blue division, Cousino is currently sitting in fourth place with an overall record of 7-6 and in the division, they are 4-5. Winning two out of three of their divisional games this past week to Anchor Bay and Fraser, but lost to Utica.

In the gold division, we have three teams that we can talk about, Warren Woods Tower Titans, Eastpointe Shamrocks, and the Fitzgerald Spartans. The real story in this division is the Fitzgerald Spartans who had to forfeit 7-8 games due to an ineligible player. They went from first to worst and are currently 2-11 overall and 2-6 in the division.

Over in the silver division, the Lincoln Abes are in first place with an overall record of 11-4 and a perfect 8-0. This past week Lincoln defeated Sterling Heights by 42 points. Wow! And they took care of Lakeview winning by almost 30 points.

Moving over to the bronze division, the Center Line Panthers are in second place with an overall record of 7-5 and in the division, they are 5-3 sitting three games back of Madison. Madison just clinched the division with their latest victory over the Panthers with a final score of 55-46. The best Center Line can do is stay in second place.

The De La Salle Pilots are now sitting in second place in the Catholic League Central with an overall record of 10-3 and in the division, 3-3. After defeating Brother Rice and Detroit Catholic Central, but falling to Orchard Lake St. Marys. The Central is brutal this year with every team ranked in the top 10 in the state and every team beating up on each other. They will all see one of each other in the playoffs, but who will come out on top. One of these teams has a chance to be the division 1 champions.

Now let’s move on over to girls’ basketball, in the blue division the Cousino Patriots overall are 9-5 on the season and 4-2 in their division with Lakeview taking the top spot at 6-0. Cousino faced off against Lakeview Thursday, January 27th but they fell to the Huskies 48-41 to fall two games back of first place.

In the gold division, there is not too much to say. The Fitzgerald Spartans are in last place right now going 1-9 overall and 0-5 in the division.

In the silver division, we have three teams that we can talk about, the Center Line Panthers, Warren Woods Tower Titans, and the Warren Mott Marauders. They currently are fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively.

Now in the bronze division, we have the Lincoln Abes and the Eastpointe Shamrocks. The Abes are in fourth place sitting two and half-game back of New Haven for first place and Eastpoint is in third place sitting two games back of New Haven.

The Regina Saddlelites are having a tough year going 4-10 on the season and 1-8 in the Catholic League Central. They are currently on a two-game losing streak and have lost 9 out of their last 10.

Now in boys’ bowling, we have the Warren Woods Tower Titans in first place in the gold division with a 6-0 record. Also, the Warren Woods Tower Titans are first place in boys swimming right now in the gold division starting off the season 6-2-1 and 2-0 in their division

Now over to Wrestling, right now the Warren Mott Marauders are currently in first place in the white division with a record of 7-0-1 with their last victory over the Fraser Rambles

On this week’s episode of SportsLine with Enver Shapllo, We will have plenty of boys’ and girls’ basketball highlights. With the boys, we will have De La Salle, Cousino, and CenterLine. With the Girls, we will have Cousino and Warren Woods Tower. Also, we will have De La Salle Hockey highlights along with an interview with Sean Clark. Also, breaking news out of Fitzgerald.

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Here are the basketball scores and upcoming games around the MAC

Boys Basketball Scores

January 24th
Sterling heights 57 Center Line 74

January 26th
Warren Mott 39 Romeo 52
Anchor Bay 46 Cousino 64
Warren Woods Tower 48 St. Clair 49
Fitzgerald 57 L’Anse Creuse 61
Eastpointe 48 South Lake 62
Lincoln 69 Sterling Heights 27
Center Line 70 Hazel Park 62

January 28th
Warren Mott 46 Eisenhower 59
Fraser 46 Cousino 58
Eastpointe 23 Fitzgerald 60
South Lake 64 Warren Woods Tower 41
Lake View 54 Lincoln 87
Center Line 46 Marine City 55

Upcoming Boys Basketball Games

February 1st
Ford II @ Warren Mott
Detroit CC @ De La Salle
Cousino @ Utica
L’Anse Creuse @ Eastpointe
Warren Woods Tower @ Fitzgerald
Clintondale @ Lincoln
Madison @ Center Line

February 3rd
New Haven @ Warren Mott
Port Huron Northern @ Cousino
Fitzgerald @ St. Clair
Eastpointe @ Warren Woods Tower
Lincoln @ Port Huron
Clawson @ Center Line

Girls Basketball Scores

January 25th
Chippewa Valley 20 Cousino 52
Marysville 61 Fitzgerald 24
South Lake 65 Warren Woods Tower 38
Warren Mott 28 Center Line 32
Eastpointe 65 Lincoln 30

January 27th
Cousino 41 Lakeview 48
Sterling Heights 50 Fitzgerald 42
Warren Mott 20 South Lake 64
Center Line 28 Clawson 55
Lamphere 41 Warren Woods Tower 15

Upcoming Girls Basketball Games

January 31st
Cousino @ Fitzgerald

February 2nd
Fraser @ Cousino
Fitzgerald @ Roseville
Center Line @ South Lake
Clawson @ Warren Woods Tower
Eastpointe @ Clintondale
Lincoln @ Hazel Park

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