Tri State Pet Rescue and Transport

If you’re ready to be a pet owner, Tri State Pet Rescue and Transport is here to help you find your next furry relative.

Tri State Pet Rescue is a non-profit pet rescue organization made up of volunteers. Their mission is to provide a safe, affordable, reliable transport service for rescuers who transport pets from high-kill shelters to their Tri State Pet Rescue shelter locations. Proceeds from this service are used to shelter, provide for and promote the care and welfare of stray and rescue cats and dogs, to spay and neuter dogs and cats, to support spay-neuter activity in our community, to provide veterinary services for stray, surrendered, and rescue cats and dogs, and for maintaining TNR programs for feral and community cats in metro Detroit and surrounding areas.

Check out their website and scroll through the photos of adorable cats and dogs!
Phone number is (248) 929-5320.
Email is
Once you’ve found your new furry family friend, tell your happy tail! Sign up or log in on their website.