Walk in Warren

It’s summertime! That means it’s a great opportunity to get outside and exercise. Here are five beautiful places to run or walk in Warren.

Jaycee Park: 11371 Timken. Warren, MI 48089. Jaycee Park is a great walking spot with a winding tree lined trail. Check it out, and go as many times as you can around the trail. Map

Busse Park: 5002 Frazho, Warren, MI 48091. Busse Park has sprawling paths for walkers and runners. Its popular tree lined path runs adjacent to the Red Run River.  Map

Licht Park: 30100 Campbell, Warren, MI 48093. Licht Park has a plethora of trees, so you’ll have shade when you’re walking or running on the trails in this park. Map

Shaw Park: 22001 Warner, Warren, MI 48091. Shaw Park has a sprawling path near Warner just north of Nine Mile. Check out the trails in the park or bring a friend and play a round of tennis on the courts! Map

Steinhauser Park: 3101 Frazho, Warren, MI 48091. Steinhauser Park is located off of Frazho, with easy parking and lots of trees along the trail. Once you enter the park, you’ll forget you’re on a main road! Map