Warren Business of the Week: nuBoxZ

In post-COVID times, some people continue defaulting to minimize person-to-person contact. In the meantime, our state has re-opened for day-to-day businesses. On a smaller scale, this includes online purchasing.

A new Warren startup wants to make buying & selling those items to be a safe experience.

nuBoxZ offers a unique way for local sellers and purchasers to complete their transactions.

It begins with a listing on Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace. A buyer finds a local item and moves to purchase. The seller logs on (or creates an account) at nuBoxZ then copy/pastes the item link to begin the process of reserving a locker. The seller selects the time & location for drop-off, which can be shared with the buyer by way of a “handshake” URL.

Next, the buyer signs in to confirm the exchange. Meanwhile, nuBoxZ acts as a neutral party holding payment for the item. After the sale is confirmed, the seller drops it off at the designated locker (like the one pictured**).

To keep item(s) secured, a ‘smart’ locker system is used, which can only be unlocked with unique access codes provided by nuBoxZ to the seller and buyer respectively.

And the end result is, buyers and sellers can do business without having to meet.

For more information, visit https://nuboxz.com/

** Photo Location: City Burger, 28925 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 4809