The Arthur Miller Library will be hosting a virtual talk with Michigan author Kathryn Remlinger, Ph.D., of Grand Valley State University, on Thursday, June 17, at 6:00 pm via Zoom. Participants will learn how dialect, place, and identity are connected, and in particular, how sounding like a Yooper and what it means to be a Yooper are linked.

Ms. Remlinger will give insight into the intriguing history of how Michigan’s Upper Peninsula developed its colorful and culturally distinctive Yooper dialect and identity.

She will include many examples collected over the past 19 years, including tourist souvenirs, signs in public spaces, movies, and social media.

Registration is required with an email address; please register online at warrenlibrary.net or call the Miller Branch at 586-751-5377.

Zoom invite information will be emailed out the day prior to the event.

The Arthur Miller Branch Library is located at 5460 Arden in the Warren Community Center (between 14 Mile and Chicago, west of Mound). For more information, call (586) 751-5377.