Keep an Eye Out for Your New Yard Waste Cart

In the fall of 2018, the City of Warren launched a new waste collection program. The city provided each home with a new 95-gallon trash cart, as well as a recycling cart of the same size to homes that were interested in recycling. These new carts will be lifted mechanically by the sanitation trucks, resulting in a safer and more efficient collection process.

Now that spring is here and residents are beginning to clean up their yards, the city will be delivering 95-gallon yard waste carts. The yard waste carts will have a brown lid, while trash has a blue lid, and recycling has a green lid. In order to receive a yard waste cart, residents must have responded to a survey that was conducted by the city last fall, and again earlier this year. If you missed the survey, but are interested in a yard waste cart, you may contact the Sanitation Department at (586) 775-1400. Delivery of the yard waste carts will begin on April 1st. It is estimated that it will take approximately two weeks for the carts to be delivered city-wide.

For more information on the City of Warren’s new waste collection program, click here.